AnyDo: Task manager on Steriods

I don’t use task manager because they are cumbersome and requires you to input your task via a keyboard. That is as simple as it gets.

Even when I had the iPhone, I didn’t find the use of task managers any more exciting than say ant farming or waxing my shoes. I loathed it.

Why can’t anyone design a task manager that is easy to use.

simple and clean interface

When Siri came along for the iPhone, people found it useful for taking notes and stuff with a push of a button and we all know that Siri has more entertainment value than Google Voice Actions.

So why not this? Make a Google Voice Action¬†enabled task manager….and that’s the wining formula. What I like about it is that it works. Yes, you need to have an active data connection for Voice Actions¬†to work (so does Siri) so let’s call it even on that.

I like using something that is simple and painless. Using a keyboard these days may only take a few stabs of the finger but it is the effort of behind it that scares me.

I like the concept where you press the MIC and speak your note into it, then set it up as a reminder for the day, or the week. You can even it set it months in advance too. This will show up on the user interface under, Tomorrow, This Week or Later.

Later often refers to agendas months ahead in time.

month view for future events

The reminders are just alarms which you can set ahead of the scheduled time and it is

intelligent enough to tell you that reminders won’t work if you key in a time that is in the past.

You can also preset the alerts to go off up to half an hour or at a custom time which you like to decide. This is all quite neat and because it is so easy to use, it makes you wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this earlier. It also works with Google Sync and even has a reminder option to tell you to return missed calls. Cool.

Those of you who are on ICS and have NFC enabled on your phones, can also share task via Android Beam.

AnyDO is a great app, simple and neat. I highly recommend it.