Walk the Talk. Ripple Buds for mobile phones.


When it comes to receiving calls, even on Skype or BBM, you’d need to have to talk to your phone, which apparently isn’t the best way to communicate when out and about with the noise.

Ambient noise or sounds will interfere with your speech and this is probably one reason people turn to Bluetooth hands free headsets which unfortunately don’t perform any better.

One of the problems is that certain frequencies can still be heard in noise cancellation bluetooth hands free sets so it is not fool proof unless you switch to a throat mic.

The benefits are you get crisp clarity while looking like a super duper secret agent.

The downside is that there are some messy wires to deal with.


FBI style throat microphone for mobile


Now for many of you, I am sure you remember Agent Smith form the Matrix movies. He wears a throat microphone most commonly associated with FBI agents and this is where you get a chance to see it work.

The throat mic picks up your voice via a pair of sound transducers place around your throat.


It is still being used by Spec Ops, Secret Service and in law enforcement. Many are not aware that this old style technology is probably the best way to communicate when connected to your mobile device. And you can buy these off cheap on eBay or Amazon.

The throat mic has been around for a very long time, invented by an American pilot, it was made famous by the Tiger Tank crews of World War 2. The German tank commander wore one just to communicate with team mates and one to one with other tank commanders.


wunderbar, now i can hear myself talk…

The clarity can’t be beat as it does not pick up noise from the outside so if you want to be heard clearly, there is no beat this simple and trusted technology.

There are several types of throat mics in the market and the new generation ones puts a microphone in your ear canal, because your voice carries over to your ear canal, why not put one in there as well. This is where Ripple aims to make the difference.

There are several types of Bluetooth hands free that does a similar job but Ripple claims to beat them at their own game…and price.


Ripple will work with any smartphone. To use you just need to pair it.


The Ripple buds come with their own charging case where you can charge these earbuds while not in use. What’s more, it has stereo capability if you have two working at the same time.


Ripple buds have been funded at Kickstarter and should be available for release world wide in May or June of 2016.



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