Galaxy Tab 7.7 boosted to Jellybean 4.1.2


I wasn’t expecting this but it came suddenly. The galaxy tab 7.7 has been updated to run Jellybean 4.1.2 by Samsung. And this came before my GN got an update!

Now having run  ICS for the longest time, you’d think that there are no differences. Well there is, but it’s more subtle. First, there are more options and the presence of Google Now for you to use your voice to order around. It doesn’t change the Samsung launcher and again, the update is supposed to make the device run smoother and not just give you more features. The settings menu is more organized and yes, Dropbox has been bumped up to 40GB for free (but only for 2 years).

At present , I have found one major caveat, that Jellybean gobbles up more RAM than ICS. With my ICS launcher, I could easily have up to 300MB free with the same number of apps running on Jellybean. For now, I am only getting roughly 100MB free. But so far, I haven’t pushed it. I did try playing some games on Jellybean, versus that of ICS. I downloaded and played the latest Star Wars pinball by Zen Studios on ICS, it was wonky. It stuttered and lagged at certain places. But with Jellybean, it was smoother, no jerking or stalling. The transitions between screens is much smoother, though it seems a tad more slower. It’s not as brisk in some parts but this could be due to the Samsung launcher. Besides this, no major speed bumps were noticed.

Google I/O has helped to evolve Android

The recent I/O conference has given an insight on where the Android OS is heading and it looks like it finally has achieved some stability. Jellybean is the current benchmark and from the looks of it, Key Lime Pie may not be a big deal after all.

Developers have contributed a great deal and from the looks of it, Android will now be tuned up for integration with other gadgets and devices. We can already see this happening with Google Glass, and it is only a matter of time when its widespread use with an Android phone will be the accepted norm.

From Froyo to Jellybean

When I was on iOS 4.+ with the iPad and iPhone, I felt comfortable changing up to Froyo. There were some frustrations with RAM issues, where you get notified that there is insufficient RAM to run apps and you had to close some of them. It was no different than my iPhone 3GS, which also had memory problems but instead of telling you, it froze and stalled.

Since then I have seen Android mature and evolve at a much faster rate than what Apple has done with iOS and it is disturbing. Even though I am an Apple user for many years, I wasn’t sure if leaving iOS for Android was the right thing.

I miss playing the games you have on iOS, that rocks. But aside from that, iOS offers nothing new to users. Gaming has been the achilles heel for Android. It has been so for some time but the gap is closing. EA’s latest Real Racing 3 plays just as well on iOS as on Android. And the graphics are superb. Music apps is another worrisome weak point for Android. The music making apps just don’t quite cut it in the same way as on iOS but it’s not a big deal if you’re not into music making.

There are many camera apps on Jellybean now than I care to remember. In recent past, especially on Froyo, it was impossible to get a good app. Instagram was in iOS domain and people wondered if Android camera apps are in limbo. Not anymore.

Android users don’t need to envy iOS users as there is so much more you can do now with your phone to make an Apple user jealous. Office productivity tools are a plenty, and with excellent hardware connectivity, you don’t need a wifi connection to share files like on iOS. Android has built in USB flash drive recognition and with the right OTG cables or Bluetooth connection, you are ready to copy and share with anymore.

Social apps are all there, with Pheed being released on Android and Facebook Home being a staple for social addicts, there isn’t a social app that dares to ignore Android users.

iOS has to play catch up now. As much as I like the familiar iOS home screen, it is just too 2007 for me. Just so you know that I got my new iPod touch 5G which died on me four months down the road. What the hell is happening to Apple? Only god knows.