What you need to know about 64 bit Processors


As silly as it might sound but Samsung has committed itself to a slew of new mobile processors after being told by Apple to buckle up. This was after the launch of iPhone 5S where it was announced that 64 bit is where the A7processor stands today. The A7 is so new that no games or apps has been tailored to meet the new 65 bit requirements…oppss….requirement is the wrong word. Let’s back track a little.

Android Can’t talk 64 Bit

This is true. All the current line of Processors for the Android platform run on 32 bits. Even the code from Jelly Bean, the current OS from Google refuses to talk in 64 bit. Samsung promised that it will have a 64 bit processor ready….soon. Well, soon maybe a bit too early. Try next year when Android releases Kit Kat and find out for yourself if that is truly 64 bit . Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which is suppose to take on the Apple devices this year has only a 32 bit processor! So does it mean anything?

iPhone’s Spiffy new Processor

iOS 7 and the A7 are both 64 bit compliant. That’s crazy if you asked me. Too damn fast for something that small. But how is that going to add up in terms of performance? Guess, what…..its zilch!. Here’s Why it won’t work.

Where’s My Gas Tank Dude?

Did you know that Apple claims that it has a 10 percent larger battery? Yup. If you are lucky, it is suppose to give you a further 10 hours or talk time, that’s provided you use it for talking and not playing games and other stuff. With any luck, your new iPhone will tank out  an hour later than previously assumed if you had all the connections made thru WiFi, IM, FB, Instagram running all at the same time. 64 bit processors are very thirsty to run. If you don’t have the fuel for it. You won’t go the extra mile.

Where is the Extra space Dude?

Apple never claimed anything extravagant about RAM, and that’s where it will give you the most problems. The iPhone 5 only has 1GB of RAM. The Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB of RAM. And guess what? For a 64 bit processor to show its true prowess, you need a minimum of 4GB of RAM! So if you unwrapped your new iPhone 5S, and find out that you only have 2GB of RAM tops. You are not going to seen any difference! Apple has been mum about the whole affair hoping that you won’t know the difference.

WTF is the Upgrade in plain English Dude?

There are no apps that are optimized for 64 bit processing but it will come later in the year. Then you have the problem of another kind, seeing some speed gain or superficial speed gain, which at this moment is negligible. Google doesn’t think you need 64 bit processing as yet for one simple reason. There is no reason to!

Apple has technically sold you a car with a fantastic new engine but without the necessary hardware to make it move faster than it was originally claimed. WTF is Apple doing? It can only be pointing in one direction. All of Apple’s processors for their desktops are running 64 bit. This new A7 will fit into the Apple TV Games Console that has yet to be announced. It will run iOS, and you’d be able to play games designed and developed for the iPhone and iPad. Makes perfect sense if you asked me. Games and software can be ported to iOS and then to its future TV device once it is ready for prime time.

In short, Apple has asked you to invest in their future. You bought into some redundant firmware and hardware which won’t run on that multicolored iPhone but heck, you have paid Apple to develop their spiffy new console device with your kind patronage. That kinda sucks doesn’t it?

Firmware update hiccups on Android and iOS

The word is that ANY firmware updates are going to cause you some grief. And I think that is true for both the iOS and Android platform. My friend just told me that he collected his shiny new iPhone 5 and it started to run on overdrive, so I asked him what the symptoms were. He said the iPhone 5 would keep running hot, and drains the battery within four hours. I could have sworn he was using a Galaxy Note running Android 4.0 as what he explained was what I encountered during the early part of up new firmware update.

He had just backed up his apps to iCloud and downloaded them onto this iPhone 5. The fact of the matter was this, some of the apps were not optimized for use on iOS6 and on new hardware. This will cause the apps to run in circles, draining the battery in the process.

A clean install might work, reset the phone and download the apps once again from the store, but it remains to be seen if it will cure the battery drain issue once and for all. Let’s not forget that the new hardware needs to be optimized  with the apps and unless the apps are reworked, chances are it won’t be running smooth. If you are using just a few third party apps, then you might be in luck, less problems means a smoother experience.

This puts the myth to rest that the iPhone is really a better platform. In fact, if you go round to the Apple forums, people are already talking about the battery drain issue on the iPhone 5 and not a peep has come from Apple regarding the issue.

I just got my Jellybean update for the second time for my Asus TF-300 and for once, there are no more coma problems. It runs smoother too. So for users of the iPhone 5, you just have to bear with it. If you have loads of third party apps that you used often, you have to wait for the new app updates.