iOS versus Android

So what gives? Is the mobile life you always dreamed about possible? I have used numerous devices from Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm to iOS and Android and each had its shortcomings.

The basis of this blog is to dispel the half truths and focus on the real job of finding out if the Samsung Galaxy Note is for you. Are you really missing out on the apps if you choose life outside an iOS universe or is there life outside of the iOS ecosystem?

The Galaxy Note is a bold attempt to redefine the world of mobility and this is what I have to share with you.


Andriod OS stats

Often, I find that Apple pundits like to blame Android for fragmentation but the truth is, iOS is as bad or worst at this. This is the most current I can get my hands on, with Gingerbread devices taking the chunk of the pie, it goes to show that very few 2.2 and 1.6 users are left behind.

This is the reality of it. Fragmentation is often a problem that is firmware specific. If you happen to have a larger screen device but the app runs within a small window, this is not a fragmentation issue. Fragmentation is when different OS devices can’t run the same apps. For example a 2.3 not being able to run a 1.6 app. This is the biggest issue at hand.

iOS fragmentation

Andriod OS stats

If you look at the iOS fragmentation, the chart looks a lot worst. There is still a sizable 21 percent who are on version 3.13.

I have developed apps for iOS and realize that in order to have apps running clean on all firmwares, you have to resort to webapp type implementations. Graphical and utility based apps suffer the most as changes to the API means that some will not work.

And to design an app backwards to suit those on 3.1.3 is virtually impossible as Apple does not allow you to lower the compatibility of an app to suit a particular audience. So all new apps have to be current or else it gets thrown out.

That also means that newer apps do not have backward compatibility to older hardware running a lower OS version. Often you can be confronted with an app during download that says it is incompatible with your current device so if Apple has fragmentation issues, then why bother using this as a reason to thumb down Android?

I do not believe for one moment that Apple is going to come clean on this. They need to update the firmware for one simple reason—to prevent jailbreaking, so there will always be new firmware updates pushed to your device NOT because you need it, but rather to prevent you from jailbreaking your hardware.

Apps cost More on Android Market

This is true. I don’t deny this. And for good reason. There is no way to stop you from downloading an app from another source, say Amazon or Piratebay, for that software publishers have to take it upon themselves to protect their investment in making apps. If they charge more, I say it is fine. As long as it works. There is no reason to fault these charges.

iOS developers on the other hand only have the appstore and may apps, however good they are, will never climb the charts because they didn’t pay money to acquire users. That’s right folks, as an app developer, you need to shout and scream to get notice because there is only one app fucking store. If you get drowned out by the others, you are truly screwed. You then have to pay agencies to acquire users for you through advertising and download promos.

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