Galaxy Tab 7.7 updated to ICS 4.04

I hate to tell you this but if you are experiencing coma status on your tablet, please don’t fret. It’s just that ICS doing its rounds again.

This is the same type of problem I had with the Asus TF-300, which can drive you nuts. Even after the update to Jellybean, the tablet will go to sleep and will not wake no matter how much you shake it. Not fun I tell ya.

Getting to the root of the problem is relatively easy. Try removing all the apps that require network access and you’re done. Facebook fortunately is relatively safe but the rest of the apps, like games, news apps, and of course social apps that need feeds are the most annoying and problem causing as they have not been updated for ICS as yet.

I am reminded of the same problems when Apple updates its iOS firmware and you find that the apps you once had won’t run or will cause battery problems.

There is no quick fix for this. I wish there was one but every firmware upgrade is suspect. Even Google’s own Google Voice feature is rendered useless in Jellybean.

Such sloppy programming is causing a tonne of problems for users and I hope you don’t get upset over this because its part and parcel of growing up. The evolutionary cycle is often viewed with a different perspective from Google’s end.

ICS has been out for a year, but the roll out does not automatically mean easier access to the core features for many app developers. They need time to tinker with it once it hits the street and if the device doesn’t support it they will have to work on that further to ensure some kind of universal compatibility.

Since such pain is expected with every upgrade, my advice is to find those incompatible apps and have that deleted. You can always check back to see if they are up again for download.