Google pressures Samsung on Jellybean update


There is a reason why some manufacturers prefer to keep some of their devices on a lower operating system but Google is working in the background to get them to up those specs.

The recent rumor about Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note Jellybean update is a clear sign that something is being done in the background to push for some form of standardization.

ICS took forever to reach carriers and devices as an update and having seen that problem, it makes no sense for Google to release an even newer OS if few devices are still running on an earlier OS.

Any dual core enabled device will take Jellybean. Single core devices will suffer of course so there is good reason to hold off on those. There are  no plans to push beyond quad core processors as can be seen in Samsung’s case. Devices are not power efficient enough to last the day when used even moderately. Google’s push for Jellybean can be understood by looking at the situation differently. This can be explained in terms of data mining.

You gotta understand that Google does not want you to use a previous version of their OS because it survives on data mining activities and doesn’t make a penny from developing Android powered markets. It makes literally no money from licensing since it is open source and counts revenues from its Play store and data mining activities as sources of revenue.

Google Now, when used widely can be a revenue generator for Google for ads in the same way that Siri is being prepped up for advertisers. Imaging buying ad space on Siri, where it can suggest a list of services and activities to you. That’s what Google is hoping to emulate with Google Now.

Hardware manufacturers on the other hand are loath to dish out the latest OS because they want you to upgrade to new devices. Samsung makes no money from data mining as yet, and it doesn’t make any money from selling you services either. It makes money from hardware.

Samsung is not compelled to give you the latest OS, after all you have already purchased the device from them and they have already made their money from you. Google has to play hardball to ensure its own revenue stream are not truncated by old firmware.

Jellybean Uptake

There is no mention of when Jellybean will be arriving for the old Galaxy Note. I suspect it will be at the end of Q’1, the very latest that Samsung can delay to avoid the Galaxy Note from cannibalizing sales from its ever shiny Galaxy Note 2.

Right now, Jellybean is only on 10 percent of the hardware. There is a long way more to go if Google wants Jellybean to be the de facto OS of choice for Android hardware.