Grooveshark is Dead but there are plenty of other choices

tumblr_njb2bj8A0o1sp8304o1_1280Yes, it was kinda sad to hear that Grooveshark is dead. It shuttered its doors after admitting that it lacked the rights to stream music without a license from owners. As we mourn the passing, there is plenty of others jumping into the music streaming business. The reason why Grooveshark failed was that it thought it could emulate in terms of creating and sharing music when they didn’t have the license to do so from the copyright owners. Hey, there are plenty of choices for unpaid music so it really depends on your bandwidth. To list them all would be suicide, so here are some alternatives which have free access. Bandcamp bandcamp_logo4 Created to promote indie talents, this is a great app to discover up and coming artist. It might not have Taylor Swift or Kathy Perry but you still have music which you can listen for free. Some of the stuff is rather good while others, well, it can wake the dead. Music Messenger music-messenger-01Available for both iOS and Android, this app has been credited as the SnapChat for Music Lovers. You can send music and listen to them for free. You have the Billboard top 100 songs so if you want to indulge, there is always a way to make a playlist. Music Messenger gets around the music licensing restrictions by sending you YouTube versions of the song, so a small window opens up while you play the song along with the video. All popular artist are supported and I must remind you that this app is a bandwidth hog since it downloads YouTube videos. Deezer DeezerRP_WP8_PhoneFront_EN The streaming sphere is the last bastion for free music…well sort of. We know that some of the more popular apps have music channels with a curated playlist and Deezer is no different. Yes, Deezer is a paid app but there are freebies inside the mobile app if you just want to listen to a curated playlist. So if you don’t want to pay for the service, you just have to endure their regular adverts that appear in a chosen playlist. Still it’s very radio friendly so the songs curated have appeal. Jango T2CRrdn38OemfMd5TZWwjI21oPms5epKfjenrK6jvZ4gCFw7YeipKbMwo5XbK7HhWA=w300Not the best looking or the most popular, Jango is a free music streaming radio station which you can connect with using an app or a web browser. You follow the artist of your choice and a dedicated playlist will be created just for you. The selections include top artist like Taylor Swift, Lorde and The Killers so if you’re not looking to build your own playlist but select those already curated, then Jango is the way to go. Guvera Music guvera2_1For US$5 bucks a month, you could subscribe to a music service like Guvera but hey, you don’t have to if you don’t mind listening to adverts within the playlist. The only penalty for not subscribing is that you can’t skip songs within a curated playlist. Guvera has partnered with Lenovo worldwide so if you buy a Lenovo device, it comes preinstalled. Guvera gives you decent playlisted songs and is driven by genre. You like pop? Then just follow the pop playlist. You can find several recommended playlist and none of them suits you, then you are out of luck. Pros and Cons of Mobile Music Streaming tumblr_ngn8sh3JjG1sp8304o1_500There are heaps of choices when it comes to apps but all of them have built in restrictions if you don’t want to ante up to a paid subscription. Then you have the data bandwidth problem if you keep streaming songs, you will exhaust that data limit.