Asus Transformer Pad TF300: Updates on Jellybean 4.1

You folks who have not yet upgraded your TF300 to Jellybean, well hold on to your horse as it’s just like what I have predicted.

Having experimented with ICS, the Jellybean update came as scheduled and I updated it without much thought. After 4 days, these are some of my observations:-

  • Great UI response, flicking from one screen is smoother
  • Transition screens from one app to another is faster
  • Memory management issue remains the same. Apps not fully Jelly Bean friendly
  • From Sleep to Coma. The TF300 does not wake up after a long sleep cycle. The only way is a hard reset.
  • Intermittent resets. Apps running in the background can cause the hardware to reset.
  • Battery runs HOT. Looping background apps. Seems like the same issue The Galaxy Note faced after the upgrade from Gingerbread to ICS. First Time TF300 faces this issue.
  • Battery Life has not improved. Ditto from ICS.

From the looks of it, ICS to Jelly Bean isn’t as smooth as expected. There is no harm in letting ICS sit around a while longer before you update to Jelly Bean.

As soon as I updated to Jellybean, a slew of other apps were downloaded to meet the compatibility requirements. But as of now, the list is still far and few.

Apps that are suspected of causing resets are those which perform notification functions and updates. You could try to weed out these non-compatible apps one by one after you installed Jellybean but I doubt it will help much. The chief reason is that the core apps from Asus should work. Games and other apps will have issues and unless you don’t use them much, uninstalling could be a good way to get around this.