The Pen Stylus is Vogue again for Apple?


I recently had to retire my original GN and take on the GN II, used of course, but with much hesitation. This is not my eulogy to a machine that has served me over the last 20 months but rather, a poetic farewell to a device that I long enjoyed. Now Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of Smartphones and Tablets are the envy of Apple users. That’s right. It is a sleeper hit as far as Apple is concern though Tim Cook has no idea why it should be the case.

As a drawing and sketching tool, it is hard to beat. What’s more there is pin point accuracy with the built-in stylus. What the Galaxy Note lacks is a good SVG editor, which you have to buy on the Google Play. But a more interesting note is that the folks at Adonit wants to convert your iPad into a Galaxy Note with bluetooth enabled Pen called the Jot Script. This gadget isn’t cheap, costing US$75 sans apps. There are some free apps on the Appstore which you can use but this really depends on you. Evernote also has an app that supports the Adonit pen.

For wanna be artist, the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is the one to kill for. Forget the Adonit imitation that works on the iPad and iPhone. It just will not cut it in the same way as the Samsung’s next big tablet with a stylus.


A Question of Different Stylus

Remember those blunt head stylus you can buy for a song from your smartphone shop? Well, they are made that way because it is simply not possible to get it to work with a fine point. Apple has patented a new active stylus but has yet to announce a product release date, it might come once they have their new iPad line fully stocked up


Adonit’s pixel point technology uses bluetooth, whereas the one from Samsung Galaxy Note is from Wacom’s own Bamboo Stylus technology. I have owned two Wacom tablets and love the way the feel in your hand but it wasn’t until the Galaxy Note that revolutionised the Wacom Tablet technology as you can draw directly onto the device display. Both types of Stylus are pressure sensitive.

The old Styli which you often find fashioned with a bulb like capacitive foam tip but you could never pin point your pen tip to a drawing. Pin point type stylus are rare as there is quite a fair bit of tech that goes on behind it. For example, Adonit has released a SDK that allows app developers to integrate its function.

Alternative Stylus from Adonit


When I was using the iPad, I toyed with the idea of using this weird Stylus that has a flat head. It didn’t look like but it promised pin point accuracy for drawing and note taking. It didn’t take long for me to toss the idea as it would be easily damaged and the extra point heads given to you would be all used up.


Apple’s new patent for a Stylus reflects its desire to bridge what Samsung has done so far with the Note series of Tablet and Smartphones but would that be too late to market? It could certainly satisfy the Apple fanboys who have longed for such a device if they didn’t already have an Adonit Stylus. That said, this alone isn’t going to change the user landscape much as it would take Apple another 18 months to get something like this to market.


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