DOSS: Asimom Bluetooth Speakers for your Mobile Device


It sounds silly but that’s what you learn to expect from the Chinese who have made this nifty speaker called the Asimom. DOSS stands for Dream of Smart Sound and it is not a wordplay on the fashion label “BOSS” which many believe to be another trusted Chinese method of ripping off brand labels to decorate their wares. However I would testify that this is not the case and it just stems from the written fact that Chinese have very little understanding on brand name conventions.

The speaker’s performance is very similar to my JBL OnTime 200P but with far less output. The Asimom only throws out 1.5 watts of sound while the JBL gives out 6 watts x 2. Yes, the Asimom is a mono speaker and that kinda sucks but heck, this thing cost only US$50 bucks compared to the JBL’s US$199 price tag. What I am more concerned with is the sound quality which unfortunately doesn’t get any better with a JBL. What’s more, the JBL can’t be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Both speakers are poor with bass output (notice the Frequency response of between : 65HZ-20KHZ). For good bass output, you need to have the lower frequencies touching 10KHZ.

The one I have is a import model from China but it does come with an English voice notification alongside it’s Mandarin counterpart. When you switch it on, a male voice tells you that it’s ready to connect. You will also be notified by this same voice once pairing is completed.

Before you write off the DOSS speakers, allow me to state that this is probably one of the better value for money gadgets you can add to your arsenal of toys.

  • 1 DOSS Asimom Bluetooth Speaker
  • Model: Doss DS-1168
  • Material: Metal
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Frequency: 65HZ-20KHZ
  • THD: <0.5%
  • S/N: ≥86DB
  • Separating Degree: ≥55dB
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR Version
  • Body battery: 3.7V 500mA
  • Base battery: 3.7V 1020mA
  • USB charge voltage: DC 5V 500mA
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, tablet PC, notebook or any device with Bluetooth connection
  • Product weight: 350 g
  • Package weight: 491 g
  • Multifunctional charger with speaker and microphone functions
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • The base part can be used as an emergency charger for mobile electronic equipment
  • Intelligent voice prompt for answering calls with humanised design

I would like to digress into the intelligent voice prompts. I am sure you’d be quite affected by the male voice speaking in Chinese then in broken English (a probable direct translation from google translate). I found it annoying. Each time it runs low on power the prompt comes out.

Then there is the voice prompt that tells you it is activated. Also damn annoying. And no, I haven’t found a way to turn it off, nor do I think it is possible.

There is also a button for answering mobile phone calls should you be streaming Bluetooth audio to the speaker. That said, I won’t be going wild over this feature.

USB Charging

There are no plugs, just a USB charging cable and an AUX stereo cable. If Bluetooth is not your thing, you can still go the wired route.

The USB base that is used to charge the speaker can also be adapted to charge any USB device but DC charging is only at 5V at 500mA. This ia not very useful if you are charging a tablet or iPad that needs a minimum of 10V.


DOSS is great for voice audio or for that matter, any music audio that features human voices. Streaming Internet talk radio into the speaker is first rate. Music wise, you’d best left the dance numbers out of the equation since it doesn’t quite give you the strong bass frequencies.

But the decision to buy or not to buy lies with the price and at 50 bucks, its good value for money. You can of course put this in your car and have that pair automatically with your smartphone. The in-car charging adapter needed for this can easily be purchased so it is not a big deal when it comes to car use.

Yea, I do recommend this if you are in the market for a cheap Bluetooth speaker that is mono rather than stereo.




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