Blackberry to Back peddle to Android

Th END is Near....Blackberry in desperate need for users

Th END is Near….Blackberry in desperate need for users

When you want to run Android apps, would you buy a Blackberry Z10? Of course not. Why on earth would you buy into a faltering device that has nothing new to offer?

First, I was a blackberry users at some point of my digital life and had Blackberry Messaging turned on like my life depended on it. As it turned out, the service was pretty fucked up. You needed a subscription to send messages to a friends within a closed network. What is this? SMS Sex? Why should I pay to get on this sort of messaging? Doesn’t MSN messenger do this as well? What about Whatsapp?

Then you had Blackberry Appworld. This is probably the best place to find an overpriced and neutered app of your choice that ran on Blackberry. To add to its disgrace, Facebook (free usage data with a blackberry subscription) wasn’t half as advanced as the ones found on iOS and Android. Trusted that I had an entry level Blackberry Bold at that point but it still doesn’t justify the damn subscription model.

And you can’t download apps on Blackberry Appworld if you didn’t first subscribe to the Blackberry service. So if your subscription had lapsed, you’d be driven out from the community like a Pariah and left to rot if you didn’t learn your lesson. Membership had its privileges.

Blackberry made money from its subscription service. And it continues to see this as one of the most important features of the platform. Getting a Blackberry and not using its service is like buying a car without wheels. You have a dumbphone with some Internet capability but little else. Would you use a car without wheels just coz it had air conditioning?

And have you seen the price of the Z10? Blackberry thinks it can pull off an Apple. Just because it has a fruit name, Blackberry hopes to ride on the success of its stellar cousin. WTF?

Lastly, why the hell would you give out development tools to convert Android apps to Blackberry 10? Shouldn’t you be doing this with iOS apps since they make the most money and developers will not mind having another revenue stream if it converts well. The problem is, Blackberry never had an affinity for OSX, and by not having those tools made for OSX, they are missing out on the goldmine they were digging for. Cascades Framework from Blackberry only port non-games. And if you did try to port a game over, you’d still have to struggle with code in Blackberry 10 SDK.

With all this, Blackberry has met its Waterloo (pardon the pun but RIM Blackberry is headquartered in a town with the same name in Canada) in the same way Napoleon did in Belgium on fine day in 1815. It was that day the Emperor of France was dethroned. Mighty Blackberry seems to want this same fate.


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