Mayan Prediction comes true for Adobe Touch apps


So we have all heard that this auspicious date that something will come to an end. It seems it could not have been better said than the way Adobe has decided to withdraw its support for touch devices. This means a host of apps like Collage, Kuler, ideas, etc will face the chop on both iOS and Android tablets while Photoshop Express will be retained. So if the Mayans had this in mind, they were probably right. It is the end of the world of sorts for Adobe once this path is taken.

Adobe is above all, a leader of sorts in media tools. They have a finger in everything that works on a PC. Then came along the mobile apps, which Adobe wanted to faithfully follow but hit a few snags.

Judging from the downloads on Android alone. Most of their apps were failures due to bugs. Like a snake oil salesman, Adobe promised the sky and only delivered the bones. It’s no wonder they didn’t get the support from the creative public.

First, 10 bucks for an app is not a lot of money. And I won’t mind paying for if it worked. Problem is, it doesn’t. There are so many apps out there developed by third parties that was even better than what Adobe could promise. So this can’t be said in the same breath that it cannot be done.

Adobe does not have the skill anymore and is probably relying on more cheap coders than experts to develop the apps. Updates were rare and even with the revisions, no attempt was made to highlight the compatibility of the apps with different hardware. In short, its user focus was too loose. It would have been better to just test and develop the apps on a few select hardware platforms.

Then there is the expectation. We all know that the mobile apps can’t handle what the desktop and notebook PCs can do but Adobe oversold on this. In the end, the coders didn’t deliver the apps with the same promise as the Appstore copy. People left nasty comments and no attempt was made to reach out to users to understand their problem. In a viral and social world, mobile app reviews can determine the demise of your product very quickly.

Adobe likes to think it is a behemoth and moves like one. And once it doesn’t make money from app sales, it kills it off. Adobe could have just made the step to recognize it doesn’t have the talent necessary to create cutting edge mobile apps and just went out to buy up the smaller players who could. It would be the best option.


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