JellyBean Update for Transformer Pad TF-300

Asus has rolled up its sleeves to give you the latest iteration of Android but before we jump in, let’s address some of the issues of ICS on the TF-300.

Over the course of two months, I have come across many compatibility issues with apps for ICS, especially for the Tablet. I also own a Galaxy Note, which is running ICS and by that measure, the problem with app compatibility was slowly being addressed.

Every other day, I would get a prompt to update apps running on the Galaxy Note, it bought some stability to the OS by removing a well-known looping bug that drained the battery. The bug, which refuses to quit, would cycle through over and over, either keeping your internet connection alive or trying to connect to the Internet when there is no available connection.

I don’t encounter this anymore since the last slew of updates for ICS compatibility but the TF-300’s apps have not gotten the same treatment. For some reason, the battery on the Transformer Pad just would not last. A full charge in the morning would be reduced to 30 percent by night fall and apps seem to quit and crash the tablet for no apparent reason.

Asus would do well to update and speed up the upgrading process from ICS to Jellybean but I am not sure if this would solve the issue with app compatibility. There is this simmering doubt that Google actually screwed up ICS and had to release Jellybean quickly to fix it. This is especially true for Tablets.

If you are buying a tablet or are thinking of getting one, I would suggest you hold up on the update and stick to Honeycomb, ICS it seems isn’t rocked up to be what it is. I think for a large part, Google only smoothen the UI but did nothing to address the lingering usage of RAM and background apps. This is probably why Jellybean is just an update and not an Upgrade. The Android engine is probably more optimized to run better without the massive battery consumption problems.

If you have the option of jumping directly to Jellybean, then wait for that to happen before updating your tablet. Right now, at least for TF-300 users, Asus is slowly rolling out the update and will be a couple of weeks before it reaches everyone on the planet.

If you have already got a tablet running on ICS, well, you have little choice right now. Downgrading to Honeycomb is not recommended and you just have to sit it out till Jellybean comes up to you.



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