Piracy and the Android App

Here’s a interesting bit of news. Madfinger Games has made it’s Dead Trigger FPS Zombie game free after having only released it as a paid app. The asking price was just 99 cents but according to Madfinger folks, the game has seen high piracy rates so it is making it free while the iOS devices still require you to pay for it.

But let us not forget that the game itself requires you to buy stuff to upgrade weapons. Though it is free to play now, it is not free to upgrade. Madfinger has denied it is a freemium game but if you look at it, it IS a freemium game if you have in-app purchases.

So what is the true picture of this apparent “piracy” and the gaming model employed. If you are really sincere about giving a game for free, then let there be no in-app purchase attachments to it because at some level or other, the game is going to be impossible to complete as you are not properly kitted out.

I have nothing against freemium games but they should of course stand on their own and not charge a cent if in-app purchases were their originally their intent for making money from it. But right now, the only people who have to suffer this bane are Apple fanboys! They have to both fork out for the in-app upgrades and 99 cent purchase.

In hindsight, Jellybean update is suppose to cure the ills of App piracy by tagging a code to the app purchase so that it will not work on just any device. ICS didn’t have this and was a huge oversight on Google’s part. This sort of explains why Jellybean is rolling out really quick to all devices that are on ICS.

ICS is buggy at best—with reported battery drain problems. If only there was a way to jump from Gingerbread to Jellybean without having to go through ICS.



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