New ICS update for Galaxy Note

Roll out is underway for firmware XXLRG Android 4.0.4 ICS built on 4 July this year. The update brings many enhancements along which include Popup Play, icons and signature unlock.

What I am more concern with is the problem with battery drain, it appears there is a bug within 4.03 that runs into some kind of loop, draining half your battery within four hours on standby. Samsung should be aware of this bug and the roll out I hope will address this problem. 

Without the update, your GN will function normally but will at times run very HOT. You may not be having any background apps open but you know that the phone is running something which you can’t detect. Some users have found the culprit and said that the only short term fix is to reset your phone. This I find did help but in no way did it go to address the actual leakage. 

Anyway, I hope to post a review of the new firmware soon. 



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