ICS for Galaxy Note: Tips on Installation

If you have not installed ICS yet on your Galaxy Note, then do take note of the following:

1. Backup your apps and data with AppBackup Reinstall or similar apps

2.Upload all your photos through sync to Google if you haven’t done so. 

3. Use Samsung’s own KIES desktop up to upgrade your phone to ICS as OTA update is unreliable.

4. Upon successful upgrade, please do a FACTORY RESET. If you don’t you will encounter battery leakage problems. Go to SETTINGS>Backup and Reset to perform the reset. 

5. After FACTORY RESET, just reinstall apps by downloading a copy of AppBack Reinstall and reinstall all the apps. Some Apps may not reinstall as they are protected. 

When you take these steps, you will be assured of a smoother transition to ICS. I had run into problems with it as I didn’t do a factory reset. 




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