Backing up with SanDisk

In many ways we are all pretty lazy when it comes to the question of doing a backup and it seems irrelevant until a hardware failure takes out your Android device and you’d be kicking yourself for it.

Doing backup seems to be backbreaking work when you consider the fact that the mobile you use is rarely out of your sight for long. But let me assure you that it need not be so. Before you hit the sack at night, why not download the free Sandisk Memory Zone and have that do the job for you?

The app runs on the Galaxy Note and what I like about it is that it does all the work for free. Consider these great features.

  • Backup to Memory Card
  • Backup To external Cloud Storage like Drop Box or
  • Backup all your documents, music, apps and movies periodically
  • Restore your documents and apps

Though it is freeware, it is ad supported. What I like about it is obvious. Support for Cloud storage like and Dropbox. Ok it might not sound like a great idea for drop box coz you may need more than 5GB of storage to backup all your stuff but I happen to have a account with 50GB. The only downside is that it won’t back up files larger than 100MB where as there is no limit for file sizes for DropBox.

Cloud storage is very convenient with limitations of course. But what I like about it is really the ability to restore files that you have lost or when you move house to a new smartphone.

Backup is determined by you via a selection of folders and you cannot individually backup certain files. This is fine from a lazy man’s perspective because the last thing I want to worry about is which file should be backed up. Others will prefer to back up their documents and contacts should you not be in the habit of syncing to google docs and address book. You can also preset it to schedule backups to the Cloud on a weekly or daily basis.

For those with lots of GB to backup, I will advise you to do so only via WiFi. My backup files total 7GB and there is no way my data bandwidth is going to support that.

File management is also made easier should you wish to share a particular file you have on your phone to a cloud space. For example you could capture and send a photo to your account and have several of your friends access it from there.

In a nutshell, this is even better than some of the paid back-up apps sold on Android Play.


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