Radio kills the Video Star

For me, I personally think that streaming video to your mobile device is over rated. Doesn’t matter if you are referring to or YouTube, the paltry mobile data plan you have isn’t going to cut it. I written about the consumption of video in the past, and to be fair…your 3GB data plan will run out of steam. For most of us, the 3GB is what many telcos are limiting these days even if it says you have an unlimited data plan. The powers that be will throttle your speed and watching video will be a pain once the buffering is more frequent.

This is where radio is a good place to start. I love radio, and when I was a kid, I use to record music off it.

When I got the iPhone, I decided to get an app to listening to overseas radio, and I was disgusted that folks out there were charging up to 0.99 cents per radio station app. Then came TuneIn Radio, which has a free and paid version. I tried out the free version, loved it. Then I went to buy the paid version—which is available for Android at an offer of 0.49 cents now.

Now this is the standard app I have now for listening on my Blackberry and Galaxy Note.

So what’s the main difference between the paid and free version? Well the paid version has recording capability so you can record programs for keeps. Sleeptimer is standard on both free and paid version and so is the local radio search. For those of you who have devices without built in FM radio, this helps a lot. Once you have located a station you like you can also browse the recommended stations along with it—giving you links to other similar type stations. Podcast search is also available as well.

Sports, news and even recorded programs can be found on the search function so if you have something in mind, just key it in. Tunein app uses up to 100MB of data an hour compared to YouTube which would consume that in less than 15 mins. Now this figure is dependent on the streaming quality. Some are as low as 48K a sec, while other radio stations stream at a higher rate, consuming more data.

If you are having buffering problems, you can also choose a lower streaming rate so as to enjoy fuss free radio.

Often, the problem with buffering is only a problem when your data line has a very high latency rate. If you have a low latency rate of 60m/s captured using a ping test, then you should be able to stream at higher speeds.

TuneIn Radio Pro in now on offer on Android market so better get it now as you can sync your station presets to your own personal account which will appear in all your devices once you log in.


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