Gaming: Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

I like playing games that work on the Galaxy Note’s huge screen and HD games are a must. So when Anomaly Warzone Earth was part of the HD humble bundle, there was little reason to resist.

And if you missed it. Shame on you.

Having played the game on the Mac and later on the iPad, I was wondering if there was any significant changes to the gameplay. Fortunately this version plays the same as the iPad version.

overview screen for route planning

Visually I can’t tell the difference between the GN and iPad version as the pace is the same. This is a good sign and if you have held out for this game, this is a good time to put your money down.

Now for the next question, do you like to think and strategize? If not, then don’t bother with this game. It is not a casual game as the makers have you believe. It requires dexterity and focus to figure out what will happen if you change strategies.

actual game screen

The game is a reverse tower defense app, they call it Tower Offense for simplicity sake and the production value is very high indeed. The game first launched on OSX for the Mac but I hated that version. Sure it had more to offer in terms of visuals and gameplay but I didn’t like the way the controls worked.

You are given two screens where you control a battalion of sorts. APCs, shield vehicles, tanks, crawler, etc. are at your disposal and you get to choose which you want to use to get through enemy defenses. The enemy has towers, several different kinds and if you manage to take some of them out, you’d be rewarded with power ups. These can be in the form of a vehicle repair power up, smoke bomb (totally useless), decoys and lastly the airstrike. There are additional bonuses in the form of a alien mineral which you can sell at your downtown wet market and get a load of dosh….just kidding….but the mineral bonus is real and like gold, translates to more cash —allowing you to buy more spiffy armor or vehicles to bust those alien chops.

There is an overview screen that shows you the alien towers and the position of your armor vehicles, all you need to do is change the route should it get too messy for you to take them head on.

Touchscreen games are quirky. You need games that can be manipulated with your fingers and Anomaly Warzone plays beautifully in that respect. It even plays smoother than on a PC with a mouse. Trust me. As far as gaming goes, this is stellar.

The game play can be frustrating at times because you are only given two choices after you have been busted. Either start at the last checkpoint or start all over. At times, you’d be wiser to start all over because there when you have less than sufficient armor to do  the job, it doesn’t make sense for you to try.

This games require a fair bit of concentration and focus. You just cannot plok your route to the destination and let it run. As the alien towers hammer your vehicles, you have a chance to decisively change tactics. But the vehicles themselves do not stop moving….which is  real pain, but heck those are the rules of the game.

Overall, this is one game that works beautifully on the GN, and I recommend this for all strategy or RTS fans.


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