Camera 360, refreshed for HD!

Long before I got the Galaxy Note, I had a Acer Ferrari Liquid E to keep myself entertained. The camera, though 5 megapixel could not rival that of the iPhone 4 at the time but one app did. Camera 360 Ultimate. I bought this solely for snapping pictures and suddenly realize how good it was. There were numerous updates at one time for Froyo 2.2 and it was difficult to justify using as some of the features found fault with the hardware. This didn’t stop me from using it as my main camera app even though it would suddenly quit on me and I had to restart the damn Acer all over again.

faux HDR effect, shot from a moving bus

I loved using the HDR option. This is not a true HDR Capture option but rather one that makes use of single frame shooting to create a faux HDR. Often in dark or high contrast environments, smartphones (including the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Note) will under or overexpose certain regions within an image. The darker regions will show little or no detail while the brighter regions will often be clipped to glaring white.

Fast forward. Galaxy Note.

Having updated to Gingerbread, I was quite pleased to find out that Camera360 Ultimate had become a free app. I have no idea why, and it was soon residing on my GN. It didn’t work well as it was not created to run on HD size screens. Bummer. But nevertheless it still worked.

Magic Color, a selective color enhancement that you can use during capture

Now, we have the Camera360 V3! Upgraded and refreshed with a new user interface. And it is still FREE at least during the holiday period.

For the record, I never regretted buying Camera360 Ultimate. And even if it reverts to the full price, I would still recommend you get this.

First, I have blown away the photos taken by friends who were using the iPhone with my trusty Acer. And it was good to know that Pinguo the developers (which actually means Apple in mandarin) have rolled out a iPhone version of their app only recently.

I have made it a point to shoot only with this app for one simple reason. The effects are nothing short of superb—beating out the stock standard camera app any day.

Let’s not forget that there are a number of camera apps that run on the GN and iPhone. I use to spend hundreds of dollars just downloading apps for the iPhone but Camera360 was by far the best option for snap shot photography. Enough said.

The new HD version has been tweaked with a new interface, the previous needed wasn’t so bad but it suffered from navigation problems.

The reason why I have stuck with it thick and thin is simple, it is the best camera app on the Android and for good reason. There are functions within the app that can compete with any Digital Compact Camera and since it is also fast to load, you do not miss a photo moment.

There is no manual out there on how to use this and I know if I put up one, there would be sufficient grounds for a novella like book. The capabilities and options are wide and there is no way I will be able to cover this in one review.

Regardless, I do recommend that you get this one now before the offer expires. It is by far, the best camera app for the Galaxy Note.


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