Great Games for the Galaxy Note

The humble bundle is a great way to experience gaming for your GN. First let me tell you what sort of games you’d be getting. For a donation of just 5 bucks you get to play with these great games:-

  • Anomaly Warzone
  • World of Goo
  • Osmos
  • Edge

Just head on down to get them but hurry. Offer is for only 10 days.

Anomaly Warzone

This Tower Strategy game was a hit on the iOS and plays beautifully on the Galaxy Note. It pits you against an Alien species which has decided to camp out WoodStock style in cities across earth and your role is to navigate your way around them, without having your eyebrows cinched to ashes.

The concept for the game is really good and the graphics too. The Galaxy Note plays this beautifully!

Warzone Earth as seen by 11 Bit Studios

World of Goo

A game that you will either love or hate, it too was a hit when released and is a high concept puzzler that has you guiding a bunch of gooey blobs to their next destination. It mixes both platform and strategy in the concept that will either frustrate you or keep you entertained for hours!

gooey goodness


A cell based puzzler where you have to guess the best route to navigate your bacteria looking cell organism in a fluid world. The game physics is pretty creative though some would have preferred it to be faster. This is a very slow game to play.

slow and steady


This is a platform puzzler that has you guiding a block through a maze of sorts that is filled with traps in one piece. Not a bad idea or concept behind it but the blocky graphics could put you off. Game plays beautifully on the GN. Full screen graphics.

go to the edge


Last Word on the Bundle

  • Since the humble bundle is donationware, I wish to highlight something about the offer.
  • Pay for Android but also get the same games for download for Mac, Windows, Linux
  • You need to donate a minimum of US$5 to have all the games, any less then you won’t get to download World of Goo
  • The PC, Mac and Linux versions can access through your STEAM account but make sure you request for the keys at the download screen.

Frankly, this is one of the best offers now for gaming on the Android. I suggest you pick one up real quick before the offer expires.


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