Going Side Swype


swype screen on Galaxy Note

When you are running about or in motion, typing is a bitch. Just when you think your forefinger is on target to hit a key, you go sideways and hit the next key and should you keep going, you’re going to end up with lots of spelling mistakes. Sure you can have text prediction switched on but that rarely helps if the keys you tap make no sense in the first place.

I have the same problem on iOS and Android devices and for a long time, had to struggle with it. Heck, you have seen all the jokes made on “Damn you auto correct”. Often it is the wrong keypress that gets autocorrected to mean something else and bummer. I hate that.

The Galaxy Note has a Samsung Keypad built into. That said, it’s plain jane vanilla and I never liked it. But how many of you are aware that Samsung also included Swype into the Note?

WTF? In a perfect world, it would be the type of keypad you’d use when you are too drunk to type. To enable this, you need to go to settings>language & keyboard>Swype

I have in the past sent out pretty bad text messages. Thanks in part to bad type on a keypad while moving about. So it would make sense to have something where you don’t press on but rather swipe around.

The Swype keypad is spiffy. It spells out stuff for you as well as include punctuations where it should matter. Though still in beta, the keypad works far better than I have imagined.

For example, typing the word merry would mean hitting the “r” key twice. But Swype senses this and gives you a predicted text in blue as an optional word. Brilliant! And there are a few more tips too if you want to know more, just head down to this link.

If you have had problems typing, I think you should get this. Face it. No one is going to notice you’re drunk or for that matter a bad typist who keeps missing the keys if you can’t get your fingers to work straight. Best of all, it’s already installed on your Galaxy Note.

So far, only a few handset makers have bothered to preinstall this as Swype collects a license fee. Aren’t you glad you had a Galaxy Note? As for iOS, there is a Swype wannabe app but that cost US$3.00. Buy it at your own peril.


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