Install from Non-Market

One of the first things you should do is for an Android device is to make app installations easier via the settings page shown  down here. We all know that Google has Android market but should you wish to install apps from say Amazon’s appstore, then you need to know how this can be done.

Non-Market Apps starts here!

Google is pretty open about the fact that you can buy apps outside of Google’s own App Market. But there are some questions on this on whether this is a safer option. Truth is, the answer is a big negative. Google does not check apps for malware though it has the capability of removing it remotely from your phone if they find one.

Google has a very loose policy for app developers. You can put anything up as long as it is not outright porn.

This is the main reason why it hasn’t been allowed to operate in China but that’s not to say you can’t find appstores for Android devices there. China has several Android device stores and these can only be accessed in China since paid apps use a different payment option instead of paypal or western credit cards.

I am not going to list them here but you do need a Chinese bank account to get it going.

Now what about the other appstores you can use? Samsung has it’s own Appstore and though it is pretty thin in selection, I think there will be more in the future. Samsung started one to support it’s own Bada OS.

Most paid apps can be purchased through credit/debit card and you need to register this.

Galaxy Note Apps

Galaxy Note apps are very few for now. To find them you need to access the Samsung Appstore but there’s a number of free stuff if you care to look. These are mostly games and work perfectly on the Galaxy Note. Samurai 2 is particularly good as I bought this on the iPad before.

There are a number of Stylus apps which you can use to paint or draw. I will review some of these as I go along.

Right now Samsung is seeking more developers for the stylus and since it is shipping the Note by the truckloads now, we should be able to see some developers hopping onto the bandwagon.

As of end 2011, Samsung shipped over a million Galaxy Notes. The devices have yet to hit the shores in North America though Canadian carriers have them. Even in its homebase of South Korea, the phone was only launched in November.



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