Note from the Gorilla?

The Galaxy Note is a mighty big phone with a screen that stretches right across your palm but it is also one of the lightest phones you could carry around. Some see this as a problem.

Build quality is something that we expect from something we spend a lot of money on. I use to own the iPhone 3G and 3GS but avoided the 4 because of the obvious. There was no compelling reason to get it. Now that you have the 4S, the build quality of that phone is no different than that of the Galaxy Note.

Note to iPhone

Allow me to elaborate.

First, the Galaxy Note does not come with the famed simian glass, Gorilla and neither does the iPhone 4S. Both will shatter if dropped from hobbit height. There has been a lot of treads out there arguing that the Note has Gorilla Glass but the official word from Corningware is that it hasn’t.

Original Flip Case

The iPhone’s rear is made of glass, while the Note is made of plastic. Glass versus plastic is a no brainer. None will win when dropped. What’s more the Note’s rear plastic panel is very thin, and will break if tested to the limits, and the repair cost will no doubt be the same when it comes to the iPhone.

The speakers on the iPhone is puny. Note has better sonics. Thanks in part to the hollow plastic which helps to enrich the sound. Speakers look tiny but they perform better the iPhone 4.

The leather case that Samsung is selling for the Note is a dedicated piece of leatherware which replaces the rear panel completely. The book sleeve flip case is well made but I don’t like the flip orientation as it is difficult to use.

For those of you who have yet to decide on the Note over the iPhone, then you should keep your eyeballs here for updates.


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