LTE or Not?

Galaxy Note comes with LTE radios built in for Canada. Some may wonder what the heck it is all about and why you would want it. For me, having to spend so much on a phone, I want to future proof it as much as possible. This is why LTE is important.

Long Term Evolution or LTE networks has been recognized as the next global standard that will put a nail into the CDMA coffin. And since LTE is a natural progression from UTMS (GSM) networks, the majority of the telcos in the world are eager to adopt this option. China’s Huawei and ZTE are going head to head to provide the bulk of the base stations needed for the upgrade and current LTE networks will be upgraded to LTE Advance within five years.

Now, I agree that there are problems with the LTE standard as many telcos operate on different frequencies thus making roaming almost impossible but it is up to the handset providers to make the compatibility.

Right now, there is no way to really test this on the Galaxy Note. Major rollouts of LTE is only expected in 2012 worldwide.


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