Why Android?

For the record, the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Note cost in the same ballpark in the country I live. I realize that after having own two iPhones and an iPad, the iOS universe is probably the safest place to start.

Furthermore, I have also been a content developer for iOS devices and there is no reason for me to switch out of the iOS universe as to protect my app investment. But the truth is that I think that the 3.5 inch screen is far too difficult to use for real work. Social stuff is fine.

I own an iPad 3G, which does practically everything I want it to do and soon, I found going back to a 3.5 inch screen far too difficult to stomach. I got an Android Acer Liquid to test the platform, and truth be told, the initial experience was far from satisfactory. Android 2.1 sucked. But Android 2.2 (Froyo) changed things.

Froyo was more stable but had storage limitations. How the device juggles memory was no where near what the iOS device could do. But then again, it is multi-tasking, so memory management is different.

There is also the problem of 3G data and Wifi on Android devices, where the detection and switching from one to another is a problem but I found a way to get around it. Not easy but practical way.

Finally, the mobility question. How much actual work can you do on an iPhone? Can you keep a blog? Write a novel? Do your homework? It is easier with the iPad than the iPhone so that was the main reason why a hybrid device like this would suit my needs.

You can Twitter from an iPhone but you can’t blog on one as it’s far too difficult to type on a small screen. It slows you down and in the end you’d be exhausted.

I think the iPhone is a great gaming console, at least for casual games. The game list on the Appstore is huge. Social networking is great too.

There are connectivity issues. The iPhone isn’t the friendliest of devices to connect to other machines or devices.


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  1. Mr WordPress · December 20, 2011

    Hi, I love this….hope you make sense of this mobility thing for me….

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